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The 732 Companies prides itself on customer service and treats every customer and their employees with the utmost respect, consideration, professionalism and will provide dedicated like services as if you were our only client. We can provide in house services from the pier to our warehouse located at 36 S. Adamsville Road in Bridgewater Township, NJ or to the end user/customer regardless of destination.


As an asset based company we can directly deal with our customers freight and how it is handled with much greater control and oversight than just a third party administrator or broker can.  All of our company owned trucks are equipped with satellite tracking allowing us to pinpoint our trucks and your freight with 5 minute intervals anywhere within the country at any given time. Again, another tool allowing us to much more closely monitor, control and track freight and equipment which dealing with just a broker cannot be done.


We can provide, in house, a complete line of transportation services.  We currently run and own a small fleet of tractors based in our New Jersey location with several Double Drop, Flatbed, Stepdeck and Conestoga Flatbed trailers along with the countless amount of equipment that can be obtained through our logistic services and affiliated companies.



We are officially now a one stop transportation provider servicing all your needs

from customs to customer.

The 732 Companies  •  36 South Adamsville Road Unit 4 Bridgewater, NJ 08807

PH: 732-440-3535  •  Fax: 908-722-4033


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