732 Services owns and offers third party logistic services within areas of difficult coverage

732 Services owns and offers third party logistic services within areas of difficult coverage.


We have a vast network of carriers that we have partnered and built relationships with throughout the country over our many years in the trucking industry and prefer to only use carriers within our network.

Very rarely do we "broker" loads to carriers we do not have a very good working relationship and history with.


Selected affiliated network carriers are used because they have proven to adhere to the same high standards that the 732 Companies have become accustomed to delivering to our customers and can provide attentional top level service when our direct resources are not able to be used.


732 Logistics is bonded and insured to service all 48 states and carries one of the best credit and DTP ratios in the industry insuring that claims against the customer will never arise due to non-payment or delay of payments to a carrier.  Be aware, this is an issue that most customers are very ignorant of, naturally.  Federal regulation states on every BOL regardless of your payment history with the broker you hire and ultimately pay for services does not relieve you of payment to the carrier for services rendered.  In some cases you can and will be held responsible to compensate the carrier if your broker fails to satisfy their payment obligations regardless of whether you paid the broker or not.  Do not use brokers or carriers who don't have the ability to move all your freight in house if they cannot provide you with 3pl/broker licensing, bonding and credit history information proving they are not putting you at risk, it happens more often then you think.


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