The 732 Companies

Equipment and capacities:


• 53' double drop trailers with 18" deck heights

• 53' double drop stretch trailers up to 50' in the well area with 22" deck


• Open 48' flatbeds equipped with all sizes of tarps

• Open 51+/- step decks equipped with all sizes of tarps

• Conestoga 48' flatbeds with 8' clear interior loading

• Heavy haul multi-axle trailers up to 55 us tons


Our trucking division is licensed in all lower 48 states and carries a basic cargo policy of $250k with much higher values upon request




732 Companies is a 48 state carrier and consistently score within the lowest tiers for safety scores as monitored by the FMCSA and SMS system (safety management system by federal gov. (low scores : good) which is used at every commercial vehicle weigh station, inspection and scale house in the country.


Why should you care and what does this mean for you, our customer?  Simply put, our drivers adhere to state and federal regulations minimizing the likelihood that we are put "out of service" due to government infractions as compared to the average trucking company, for 732 trucks this is nearly non-existent and has only happened a few times in our history.  Maintaining lower SMS scores and good clean quality equipment keeps our trucks rolling thru truck inspection stations rather than dealing with the random inspections all too commonly associated with bad scores.  This means your freight is not sitting in a truck stop or scale house waiting for repairs or drivers to regain HOS to finish their trip or loosing countless hrs with needless roadside commercial motor vehicle department inquisitions due to bad scores.


Timely Delivery:


We make every effort within reason to deliver ON time and have a proven track record with our clientele.  732 Transport has serviced all of the aspects of time sensitive transportation including the rigging and industrial service industries since its inception in 1999 and has continued to be a go to carrier for these types of services.




The 732 Companies  •  36 South Adamsville Road Unit 4 Bridgewater, NJ 08807

PH: 732-440-3535  •  Fax: 908-722-4033


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